• Mary Mediatrix School

Skating - Live Demo & Performance

In association with the Fort Roller Skating Institute, #skating demo was conducted at Mary Mediatrix CBSE School, Karakundu. The demo program was attended by all students of our school.

Skating has many potential health benefits for children. It improves their concentration and muscle #flexibility. Many #students and #parents became aware of this interesting sport and expressed their interest to start with the #skating sessions at Mary Mediatrix #School, #Karakundu.

Many parents wish their kids to engage in an interesting sport which would improve their mental and physical stability.

Mary Mediatrix #School gives importance to the all-round #development of a #child. Students who are interested in skating sessions will participating in the skating school meets. These competitions are conducted at district and state levels. Mary Mediatrix School, #Karakundu, is proud to associated with Fort Roller Skating Institute and help our #children to stay healthy and afresh.

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